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Michael Jackson's Three Kids, Paris, Prince, and Blanket Star In Glove and Sock Commercials


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HOLLYWOOD - Janet Jackson has announced that her niece Paris, and her two nephews Prince and Blanket have just finished shooting commercials for Handy Gloves and Rock Socks.

The children of Michael Jackson are all very talented and will soon be appearing in their very own reality show titled, Growing Up Jackson.

iGossip news reports that 13-year-old Paris appears in the Handy Gloves commercial wearing a purple glove. She is shown dressed in a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders outfit while dancing to her father's hit song from the album Thriller, "Beat It."

Little Paris is standing on the playing field of Cowboy Stadium in front of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders who are glued on her as she does the splits, twirls, whirls, and does the moonwalk for about five yards.

After she finishes the camera pans down the line of cheerleaders who are all staring at her in disbelief. Then little 8-year-old Blanket Jackson, dressed in a Dallas Cowboys uniform, walks up to Paris, offers her his arm and they start to walk off the playing field.

After taking about three steps they both stop. Blanket turns to the cheerleaders and remarks, "Okay cuties, Y'all can close your mouths now."

In the sock commercial 13-year-old Prince is shown sitting at a local park playing his guitar. As the camera pans down we see that he is not wearing any shoes but has on a pair of Rock Socks.

Eight-year-old Blanket Jackson is sitting next to him on the grass holding a tambourine. He too is shoeless but wearing socks.

Prince is trying to play an old Eric Clapton song titled "Layla" but he is having a real hard time with one of the chords. He tries and tries but to no avail. He becomes more and more frustrated.

We then see Blanket take out his cell phone and he texts something into it. He soon gets an answer and smiles.

The time moves forward 20 minutes and we see Prince still struggling to get the right chord. Suddenly from the side we see a figure appear. Prince looks up and it is Eric Clapton, who wrote and performed the song "Layla."

Prince is speechless. Eric sits down beside him. He smiles and tells him to try a D sharp minor. Prince does and viola that's the missing chord.

Clapton stands up and starts clapping. He gives Prince the thumbs up sign, turns, and starts walking away. The camera shows that Clapton is wearing a pair of Rock Socks.

We then hear the booming velvet voice of Ted "The Ex-Homeless Man" Williams say, "Rock Socks for those times when hitting all the right notes will get you a standing ovation."


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The website is called Thespoof.com, so i doubt this is real. But I bet yall ten dollars that some radio morning shows will run this as a factuall story. :sigh:

You just know someone will call social services :lol:

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