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Beyonce's New Look??????

DJ Y2K Malone™

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Beyonce was spotted yesterday in New Jersey dressed in retro style 70′s garb during a new photoshoot. The mystery photoshoot is rumored to be for her hotly anticipated new album. , Beyonce is going after a new sound largely influenced from the 70′s and 80′s. This would explain her funky, oldschool look occupied in the shoot. Just to clarify, it has not been confirmed what the shoot is for and at this point, everything is pure speculation. Beyonce has made it no secret that she wants to reinvent herself for her fourth studio album



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If the 70s and 80s will be showcased in her new material..this will be the FIRST time I can ever say I'm looking forward to her project.

Agree. Could it be that finally someone is moving away from all that electro dance pop crap. I need funk back on the charts. And she would be a good one to do it.

Although, im not entirely convinced cause these current artists haven't got it in them to lead, they just follow all the time.

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Yes she does...

Infact I could make Bey's stans REAL MAD by saying Janet sometimes looks YOUNGER than Beyonce. :coffee:

I'm sorry, and I ain't even going to debate this because I ain't even digging at Janet , i'm just saying EXACTLY what I see. Janet looks good for her age, very but to say she looks as young as Beyonce ... When I examine a face I examine a fresh face, not hair and make-up

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