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Where is the vulgar and sexually charged

Xtraordinary Xternal

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What you mothafuckas not gettin no dick or pussy lately? How can yall be true Janet fans and not talk about sex???

Lastnight me and my boo boo fucked this young bottom silly... he asked me to nut on his face what a smut.... <_<

Nutting on my face is not an option it is a must. :coffee:

Its written in my contract. :dance::dance::dance:

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:mellow: :mellow: :mellow: :mellow:


Everybody knows you're the BIGGEST HO in the entire United States of America. :blink:

I'm not here for you fantasies. Accept you're whorish ways...and go on the corner and make your coin and stfu. :coffee:

I've accepted the fact that I am smutty whore who rides every dick I see. :dance::dance::dance:

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LOL I would never let a nigga splash on my face.... I don't swallow nut either... I felt so kinky when I did it... I rubbed it on on his face with my dick... that shit was hot... lol and nuk u nasty lol

I'm gonna need to see an xtube video of this...you know... just to make sure your story is true. It's purely for research purposes. :ph34r:

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