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Taylor sold 575,000 copies and that's on 54% of her sales!

DJ Y2K Malone™

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This bitch went gold with half her figures in the digital era!

who is buying her records? this bitch is paid and she write all her damn songs!


I give her credit for writing...(even though I don't like her songs) but as for her singing live... she sounds horrible... People still buy and download legally... I guess you just have to promote and remain true to your fan base.

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-_- She and Susan will be battling for that top spot like last year :lol: Not to mention she just delivered another blow to Kanye 'sales = quality and awarda' West -_-

Oh, that's right! I forgot about Susan releasing again this year. Poor Kanye, he'll probably leak more of his lame nude shots to divert attention away from Taylor. *chuckle*

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