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JLo discography


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i used to be a HARDCORE Jlo fan

for a while she was my #1 over Janet

I started loosing interest in her when she was with Ben Afflick. I liked her This Is Me, Then album. but every album after that just sucked to me. I guess I just got tired of her, like most of America did.

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The This Is Me...Then and Rebirth albums sucks. I like the others though. I love the Brave album :wub:


Get Right

On The Floor

Waiting For Tonight


If You Had My Love

Hold It Don't Drop It


Baby I Love U!

I'm Real

Ain't It Funny (Murder Remix)

Wrong When You're Gone

Love Don't Cost a Thing

Jenny From The Block

All I Have

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She has a cute discography.

I havent listened to the On the 6 in full cause it looks long, but I like the singles

J.Lo (album) is cute

I can listen to This Is Me...Then form start to finish. I like the vibe & it has perfect cohesion.

Rebirth is ok, but not as good as TIMT. That era could have been handled better though

Brave was a solid decent album that really shoudlnt have flopped that hard

Love? since all the demos & stuff leaked is ok. Nothing spectacular but ill give it a listen until Bey & Gaga's album drop.

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Most times, she's a better artist than she's given credit for. I love J.Lo, but there's no denying she's up there with the non-singing girls. She may even be their leader. Although unlike Britney, she always gives face in every video, every performance. You look at her and know she's owning it. I've always admired that.

Sadly though, she doesn't have one outstanding album to her name. It's all just a bit too nice and inoffensive. Her singles, however, are a different story. 'Do It Well' aside, J.Lo never put a foot wrong in her lead single game. 'If You Had My Love' is so damn sexy, and one of my favourite debut singles ever. 'Love Don't Cost a Thing', 'Jenny From The Block', 'Get Right', 'On The Floor', all superb lead singles. Her videos have been solid too.

On The 6 was a nice way to start, and for the handful of singles she released, she did well to cover all bases. R&B ('If You Had My Love'), dance ('Waiting For Tonight'), hip-hop ('Feelin' So Good') and latin ('No Me Ames', 'Let's Get Loud'). But it didn't seem as contrived as when Christina tried to play the everywoman on Stripped. J.Lo was crucial. Had she not released that album, and not adopted that nickname, she would've faded into obscurity along with Christina Milian and Lutricia McNeal. That album was her big pop explosion and it solidified her place. From memory, I think it made her the first female to have a number one album and a number one movie in the same week. Not a huge deal really, but she did manage to keep the two careers alight without sacrificing her credibility. And thank God, she didn't sing in any of them.

I wasn't a huge fan of the whole Murder Inc era (although I still bump 'I'm Real'), but it served her well, and I loved that a star as big as J.Lo convinced somebody as anti-pop as Nas was at the time to go commercial. She was doing far too much in the Bennifer years though - what a headache. They were bigger than her music could ever hope to be. Which is a shame because some really good songs were overshadowed. 'Still', 'Loving You', and her cover of 'You Belong To Me', they're some of my faves to this day. She fell off with a couple of singles though, namely 'I'm Glad' (great video, horrible song) and the bile-inducing 'Baby I Love U!'. Rebirth was weighed down by too much of not enough. Take out 'Get Right' and 'Cherry Pie', you're left with an aural sleeping pill.

As unloved as it was, Brave is one of her best efforts. 'Do It Well' was the wrong impression to give, there were several songs on that album which would've served so much better as lead singles. People heard it and (rightly so) assumed she hadn't brought anything new to the table. Same ol' J.Lo. And for part of it, it was. Had we seen 'Mile In These Shoes' or even 'Gotta Be There' as the lead, it might've told a different story. The album also contains my favourite J.Lo song ever in 'Forever'. :wub:

Love? is shaping up to be pretty fun. I like that she's working with RedOne, they seem a good fit. 'On The Floor' is one of my fave singles of 2011 so far. And if 'I'm Into You' blows up, we might see an R&B resurgence on the Hot 100. Part of me misses the days of 'Dilemma', 'Always On Time', and 'I'm Real'. It's a long shot, but she might just start a wave.

My ranking:

1. J.Lo

2. Brave

3. This Is Me... Then

4. On The 6

5. Rebirth

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My problem with Jlo's albums is it has that latina/camp sounding stuff puke.gif

In any case,

On The 6 was a strong debut, but I only like a few of the songs, mainly the singles and that duet with Marc Antony. That Waiting for Tonight remix >>>>

JLO was her breakout. I love the remixes so much more:

- Love Don't Cost (video version, with the breakdown)

- Im Gonna Be Alright (trackmasters remix with nas)

- Aint It Funny (murder remix)

That made for a huge era

I think This Is Me...Then is her best album. Such strong singles. And the rest of the album is good too

I haven't bothered with the rest of her albums. The only thing I like is Get Right.

I gotta check out her new album

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I liked 95% of her singles (I dont know who used samples more, her or Mariah) >_<

JLO and REBIRTH is the only albums by her I liked. I have "Brave" but its a MESS and a half. I only got the album for one song.. "Wrong When You're Gone".

What I can say about JLO is she always has that ONE slow song on every album that just shits. And I'm a sucker for sexy,slow songs. A FANATIC! She may have only released two or three songs I didn't care for in her whole career...so that says alot.

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