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Eva Longoria Divorcing Tony Parker Due To Cheating: Report


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if the heffa got lazy then tell her what the deal is or leave...the problem I have with sexing outside the relationship is just the fact that your nasty ass fuckin someone then come back and fuck your wife raw like it's nothing...now if your man/woman knows you fuckin someone else on the side and is cool with that, fine...but give a bitch the option...I don't know where that other heffa or heffas you sleeping with been...let me know upfront how you roll...there is no way in hell you should be cheating 3 years into your marriage...you should not be that comfortable in your marriage at that point to even attempt some disrespectful shit like that...cheating 3 years in means that you didn't want to be married in the first place...3 years in you haven't even given your marriage a chance to grow

I agree with you... but not everyone is great with communication... I always believe you have to date your girlfriend/boyfriend or husband or wife... shit will get stale... I been with my dude for about 3 years... we talk about shit... so we don't cheat... because soon as someone cheats the trust is out the door... can't be with someone you can't trust fully.

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