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Brandy opens up about ‘Dancing With The Stars’ elimination…

DJ Y2K Malone™

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VH-1 Reality show, America's Got Talent, DWTS....if it quacks like a duck..... Untitled-121.gif

That song has been the epitome of shade. My facebook status even has a few of those lines in it. :lmao:



Henry...Don't sound like that infected culo that's agreeing with you now...I'm not even a HUGE Brandy fan. I simply don't consider her washed up REGARDLESS of what the music industry says. I don't follow that bullshit..Just like I don't follow charts, nor give a shit who gets awards...There are PLENTY of great artists who'm are considered "washed up" by the music industry and people who follow charts and what not who really aren't washed up...It's not a reality ARTISTIC wise.

I never said you have to have sales, awards and other stuff to be considered being washed up or not. The quality of the music in her last two albums were nowhere near her Full Moon album and the ones before FM. The way she and her team (though I think it's mostly her) have been handling things for years has made her washed up. The entertainment world, which also includes acting, aren't acknowledging Brandy at all now. Her albums weren't getting positive reviews from critics (not even mixed reviews), the TV show that was talked about ended up falling through, she did the VH1 show that showed her in a negative light, she's found the sudden urge to rap...so on and so on. The biggest sign that she's washed up was her setting foot on a stage in a mall to perform...as I said I'm not tossing shade at her, but she pretty much sealed it with that. And there are artists that don't do well on the charts and aren't viewed as washed up...Kylie is one of them.
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