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Rihanna can’t decide on next single – ‘Cheers’ or ‘S&M’?

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  1. 1. what should be Rihanna's 3rd single

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Rihanna remains undecided on what her third single will be after the Drake-assisted ‘What’s My Name?’. The star previously confirmed that the sexual dancepop anthem ‘S&M’ was picked out. But now she says the drunken themed ‘Cheers (Drink to That)’ has propped up as the possible third release.

“The fans are gonna determine that one” she told Elvis Duran when asked what Loud’s next single would be, “because we’re toying between a couple. Maybe ‘S&M’, maybe ‘Cheers’. Those are the ones that seem to be requested the most”. What would YOU prefer?


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Someone in this thread is rattled.

But "Cheers" should be the next single. She's done pop, Rnbish-caribbean, now it's time for the alternative drunk white kids turn.. :excited:

um missy said to tell you riri cd sucks. she has tried her best to listen to it but she can't :lmao: :lmao: hmm from the mouth of babes :whistle:

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