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Does Gaga's debut numbers put pressure on Beyonce?

King Baby


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    • depends on how the press covers it
    • yes...Beyonce has been the HIBC for so long...But now with her pop peers like Gaga, Rihanna and Katy doing so well, the pressure is not on.
    • No...Beyonce's mark is made and she ain't thinking about them.
    • She will probally do something crazy to try to one up Gaga's promotional blitz but with out her father, she is gonna lose.

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DeadBanana.gif at you thinking I don't know what sonically means.

DeadBanana.gifDeadBanana.gif at you being rattled by us laughing at you and your stan delusions.

DeadBanana.gifDeadBanana.gifDeadBanana.gif at you resorting to calling people "stupid" for disagreeing with your delusions. "Mr.Ad Hominem" much, sis? :lmao:


Poor Austineisha. -_- ...As he posts the link to this thread on twitter...hoping another bey stan will be able to help him. -_-

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Back to the original topic, for me this is the first Bey area really I really don't care for the first single or performance (I do like that "Till the End of Time" song though). I'm sure her album will go double platinum...maybe triple with a tour, but she's going to have to promote and promote hard to do big first week numbers. I'm kinda afraid to listen to the album.

sdfkdjlf :lmao: :lmao:

They had me in tears with that :lmao:
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