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The 2010 American Music Awards Thread

DJ Y2K Malone™

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This was Christina's 2007 VMA performance...everybody is gonna be talking about it for the wrong reasons. :lmao:

I'm assuming she's pregnant though... :unsure:

no it wasn't bad, it was fine, she's just thick. She wasn't stumbling around high as a kite like Britney :umm:

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and everyone is entitled to their own opinion in my eyes she did good compared to all her other performances she did damn good

It was easily her best performance. She did exactly what she needed to do, elaborate set, fire, grassy crystal shit, dancers, backup singers picking up some of her slack, she moved a little bit, skimpy outfit. Alot going on so you dont listen too hard to her vocals I was impressed. All she needed was an animal and it woulda been ON.

Black eyed Peas was uhm ok. Pink had alot of shit going on too but she was kinda lazy with the vocals this time but whatever. Taylor swift had a fight with her straigtning iron and lulled the audience to sleep.

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