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What was Gaga smoking when she said "Born This Way" was the next "Thriller" and album of the decade...?

King Baby

She had to be smoking something...  

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  1. 1. What was she smoking?

    • glue
    • cheap cigarettes from the "Dollar Store"
    • Crack...she was clearly out of her mind
    • coke..."Crack is cheap Barbara"

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No only is the album not that grand, it pales in comparison to recent releases by Rihanna, Robyn, and Katy Perry. Hell even that new kelly Rowland song trumps the album. I like a total of maybe 5 songs, with "Heavy Metal Lover" being my fav.

She couldn't have actually listened to that album and really thought it was the cats meow. It doesn't even have the fun party bangers that the previous albums had. Its like she started taking her "art" to seriously and forgot about the dance pop that made us love her. Where is the "Just Dance" and "Bad Romance", and "Paparazzi", and "Love Games" type stuff?

And the sickening Jesus references were tired on the "Fame Monster", so now they make you want to jam a rusty screw driver up you bum hold and twist violently because they are so painful.

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dont artist always say this type of stuff. i remember before LOUD came out one of Rihanna's producers were comparing it to Thriller. they are just trying to get people to buy they album boo, i never take them seriously.

but Gaga definitely be on dat crack though.

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not enough considering the quality that she was able to deliver with each one of them

Exactly. I prefer Robyn over any of these mainstream bitches any day. The "Body Talk" series is some of the best songs I've heard in the last 5 years.

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We've always been in sync, so I'm curious to know if you think less of me now that Gaga has driven a platform wedge between us? :(

There's an average of seven songs per album. And they're all near flawless.

no of course not :lol: unlike 98% of her fanbase you are not a sheep nor do you fold like a 90 yo dick with no viagra for her every time she releases or says something.

She's not your messiah so that's enough for me to respect you :lol:

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