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The Pop Culture Thread: When IMPACTNET Strikes Edition

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It's not that serious 

So I went to the African American Museum on Friday and they had Janet stuff in the music section:   Janet's name is just below the middle towards the bottom on the right. 

Teyana Taylor at the 2017 VMAs paying homage to Janet's 1995 VMA look 

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Its' funny that Janet is Alexis Jordan's biggest inspiration, my mum thought it was Janet when 'Happiness' was spinning on the radio :lmao:

She was kinda serving some DRM with Happiness :lol: shame that her album was a piece of crap -_-

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Little Dragon’s highly anticipated fourth studio album, “Nabuma Rubberband,” is out today. I’ve written before about how the Swedish electronic band’s latest project was inspired by South African Kwaito, but here’s another influence: Janet Jackson.

The album artwork features a small child floating above a cityscape, an image that draws from the Janet Jackson slow jams [lead singer] Yukimi used to listen to wandering around Gothenburg during the unrelenting winter,” according to Rolling Stone. Here’s more:

“When you put some of Janet’s really slow stuff on you feel like you’re floating,” Nagano said. “That feeling really influenced me and maybe that’s why there are quite a lot of slow jams on the record. In the past we’ve been a bit self-conscious about making slow jams after
Then we wanted to make dance music which we did with
Machine Dreams
and then
Ritual Union
still had a dance vibe, but with this album it wasn’t about that. The intention was about whatever we felt strongly about.”


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Watching that now. The choreography was weak tho.

Yeah! It was weak. When you do a Janet song especially a song like "if" you gotta bring it in the dance department.

I was glad they did Janet tho. I don't usually watch this show. I just watched it to see what song they would do and I figured it would be "if".

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