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The Pop Culture Thread: When IMPACTNET Strikes Edition

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It's not that serious 

So I went to the African American Museum on Friday and they had Janet stuff in the music section:   Janet's name is just below the middle towards the bottom on the right. 

Teyana Taylor at the 2017 VMAs paying homage to Janet's 1995 VMA look 

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The Jamie Foxx show. The episode called "Jamie Returns". He is kicked out of the group by K-Ci and JoJo and ends up in a raggedy apartment. The bed is so nasty he sleeps on the table and is having a sexual dream and says "Janet Jackson, girl you better stop" lol. Then another episode called "Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game" it starts off with a parody of Jamie as a Latino dance instructor doing a commercial to sell his dance dvd and his name is Miguel Jackson and claims to be the best dancer and says "Not to be confused with Michael. I spit on him" and then he says "And Janet?" and gives a look and kinda dismisses her. It was funny

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On the popular Lifetime docuseries Raising Asia Episode 9: Eyes on the Pride, young sensation Asia Monet Ray performs for a gay audience with a very Janet Jackson-esque performance. Throughout the episode Janet's name is brought up by the choreographer, her mother Kristie Ray and the audience because of Asia's 'likeness' to her.
The Impact!

@ :50 second mark

that fall tho! :umm:


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well Asia actually wants to be Beyoncé lol. She is a Beyoncé stan, its actually all of the older people around her that keeps telling her she's like a little Janet Jackson. I think when she gets older, she will identify more with Janet than Beyoncé. The same way Beyoncé did when she was her age. :filenails:

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that's Anthony Burrell, the reason I watch the show :wub: . He has danced for Beyoncé and Rihanna. He's beautiful.

A friend of mine use to fuck with Anthony... He's really soft in real life, he's not the kind you would be into Voodoo , trust :lmao: and he's not aggressive, domineering in bed. He's the gentle, make love type

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