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The last movie you saw at home/cinema - MOST POPULAR THREAD 2013/14

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Dammit :rolleyes:laugh.gif

Loooool at the first post in this thread. I lost my old movie thread when the old forum died, hence the 'dammit' :lmao:

So yeah, if it's not obvious... say which movie you last watched and what you thought of it. :)

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The very best thing about Bird Box? Trevante Rhodes 🤤

Bad Neighbors Pretty hilarious. Dave Franco is finnneeee

XMen Days of Future Past on the telly    It was gewd  

I started watching the dvdscr of Facebook movie....it looks ok so far but it was late and I was tired.

I just watched the Social Network too. I was really impressed, it was very good I can see some Oscar nominations actually. At the very least it could be up for some non acting awards

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Saving Private Ryan

I'd not seen it since 1998 when it came out, so I was surprised at how many of the guys I'd seen in TV shows since (e.g. Eddie and Frank Jr. from Friends and Daniel Faraday from LOST :excited:

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She's The Man - B

Quite funny - plus... Channing Tatum :devil::excited:

Bought that movie for $5 and havent watched it yet.

so far I have watched

Kill Bill 1 n 2

Bandidas (Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek) cute movie

Elizabeth The Golden Age

Julie & Julia

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