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Will "Countdown" be Beyonce's 7th number 1 hit?

King Baby

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On its debut of a re-release. Any big name superstar can peak ala top 5, at LEAST top 10 with itunes. It peaked at #3 after the week it was sent to itunes...then shit sank faster than the Titanic.

You want proof? Gwen Stefani's "Wind It Up" peaked at #6.

doesn't matter how it got there or how long it stayed

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Just because it peaked at #3 doesn't mean it didn't flop. Thanks to itunes, there definitely has been a new definition of a "hit."

Lady Gaga's "Judas" (Peaked at #10) is another example. And we all know queens were calling this a flop. :rolleyes:

Well duh ...if thats the case..we might as well discredit EVERY top 5 song these dayz becuz most of em are hits due to itunes.

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so Doesn't Really Matter did what?

Doesn't Really Matter hit #1 for 3 weeks, it was a top 10 airplay hit... it either hit #2 or #1 on Hot 100 Airplay alone if I recall. Scratch that it hit #1 on Hot 100 Airplay for weeks.

Beautiful Liar didn't even crack the top 10, let alone I believe, the top 15 on Airplay. It came with interest for 1-2 weeks because it was some "super-duet" with Shakira...but shit TANKEDDD.

I don't get how you can compare "Beautiful Liar" (a song that was in the top 10 for one week, peaked at #3) to a song that slowly entered the top 10 and eventually reached #1.

Game, just sit down.

right :lol: anything #2 and up are flops because it came from iTunes


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