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Extreme Makeover: Planet Janet Edition

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There was talk of a black theme a while back which I really liked, but I think there were issues configuring it to our board. (:unsure:)

Red sounds good too, that could work.

Hm. The issue sounds odd. But a black theme would be really awesome ^_^


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Well, not extreme, but it works for the title. :coffee:

Angie, can we please have a board makeover? Nothing drastic, just a new colour scheme or something. A new banner (did you get the one I PMd you? :unsure:)

I don't know, just something to freshen things up.


Even something like J/X in the sense that there is a great distinction between pinned and non-pinned items

And small size of thread headings on the forum pages (if that makes sense)

And for the third time, can you increase the name change limit?


why cant we change our name more often


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