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I feel on that part... I'm still debating on if me and the hubby should live together... I just wonder why you don't like relationships... it seems like someone hurt you... despite ur messy ways lol I know u a good dude maybe for the new year try to give love a chance again :yep:

I'm not messy at all, I stay to myself and I don't go around clubs talking about people..

I could go to a gay club and only know maybe 1 or 2 people..

I tried the relationship thingy a few times and it was just not for me..

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I was never really into relationships.. To much bullshit to deal with..

And no I don't get lonely.. I like don't mind being by myself doing what I want to do I want to do it..

You're just like me in that department. Sometimes I just wanna be by my damn self but I don't think i'll ever be alone cause my friends are always up my ass. Do I get lonely?...its rare but it happens.

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Did you let him hit it and now you see the real him/her? :unsure: :unsure:

hell nah just seen his xtube vids when he was a boy and kinda cute and now thats ewww no offense to those on here that do that stuff

of course you know him from xtube of all places :lmao:

and aint that where i know :censored::rolleyes: nevermind :coffee:

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