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I miss the oldskool forum members soooo much


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I really wonder what the old members were like...

They were simple awesome lol. The laughs on the old board were too funny.

Bitch i'm still hea :rolleyes: I mean can it get anymore Legendary than having my presence on this Janet board? I mean i'm an original :coffee:


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Most of the new folk me me itch as I'm alergic to cheap clones :thumbdown:

Yeah I remember when I first came to the old board back n 06 or 07... during that make the janet album contest... The board seemed so vibrant and diverse people could actually have an opinion and not have this cult like mentality.

Now all we have is a bunch of mean girls using gifs like its the new auto tune. I miss cussing people the fuck out under my sabertooth persona and being able to do it without getting in trouble.... :sigh: My favorite fights were:

Xternal vs Dioni :blush:

Xternal vs smilestone :lmao:

Xternal vs moderator :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

Xternal vs slaughter & Kindred :asham:

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