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Can Somebody here help me out?


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cheaps, i think u got a huge problem!

i think uve got some sort of virus on ur pc, and its fucked up ur hosts etc

i found this link, but its very technical

it may be solution


Also, is ur anti-virus software legit... did u purchase it?

perhaps email them and ask for help

Thanks boo. That does seem very technical, I didn't even understand any of what was being said.

And i'm sure my anti-virus is legit, I have the free trial version on AVG right now, haven't exactly purchased it yet.

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did it work? :unsure:

No, It didn't. :( Thanks for you suggestion though.

My co-worker said he "fiddled with it", but not sure what else he can do, he mentioned the system restore also, but not sure when he can get to that. So we'll see what happens, as of now, I'm cool googling stuff from "Google Pilipinas". 2517814472.gif

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