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Batman Arkham City


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Yeah u don't have a choice to pick at the moment. & u switch from Cats to Bats as the story goes on as their missions intertwine with each others.

BUT the 2nd time u play as Catwoman u have a chance to free roam (if u want) before finishing the mission.

Ok I thought that but wasn't sure cause I haven't gotten far yet...didn't really get tge opportunity to play like I wanna, it was cool fighting as Bruce in handcuffs lol

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Ok damn catwoman is a bad bitch once you learn how to play with her...that first fight I did with her felt weird like she was a lightweight even tge controller felt lighter...but now the second time playing with her I'm like damn!...and how she swings from building to building scaling the walls

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i bought it and loved it ^_^

i wished Cat woman's story was longer though... i like her more than batman in this game

It is longer u have to get ur shit that two face took.

Catwoman really did her thing in this video game the whip work was amazing. When things got too out of hand I would just whip the shit out of people my friends laughed when they seen how I did it.

Batman had a great story also he was a bit bulky to handle at times but its batman he was muscular as hell in this game lol

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