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..and its NOT over. The JJ BILLBOARD YEAR-END CHARTS are on the way...


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The JJ BILLBOARD YEAR-END CHART will consist of charts pertaining to...

-The BIGGEST threads of the YEAR


-The members with the most REPLIED TO threads of the YEAR

So, in order to make this stand in true Billboard fashion...think of EACH reply to YOUR thread as a "sell" if you will. Therefore each reply represents a UNIT sold. The ONLY threads that will be reviewed are those that are 5+ pgs,which means when your sales are added up it will be moreso RIAA certified and less soundscan (to cut down on time -its ALREADY hell :umm:) :lmao: But the bright side means that whatever your certification is...ppl will know you actually SOLD MORE than what your certification says. Very Janetesque :thumbup:

And everyone WILL NOT appear on the YEAR END charts because there are some of you who do NOT have enough self created threads to even review your stats.It would be nearly impossible to gather EVERYONE'S stats for such a "defined" chart. Sorry for those who missed the mark,in advance.

GOOD LUCK to all and Im currently working on it. B)

P.S. From the stats that Im gathering and working on so far,some of you all will be surprised at the results. It will be an interesting chart. :good:

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