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The rules say

So -each time a member gets into an argument with another membe that includes personal attacks, if it's reported or a mod sees it, each member involved gets a hit on their warning percentage. They then get a PM to tell them what their warning percentage is. We will never divulge members' warn percentages on the forum or to other members.

No personal attacks

previous behavior also plays a part in punishmemts

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no seriously i really can't remember

Look as a good friend, usually I try to protect you because of 1) My brother and 2) You're a newbie here and I know what that feels like, but you were wrong in that thread and if you get hit with a warning you deserve it. You don't say something negative about an artist on a forum dedicated to them. I sat back to watch the drama in that thread because I knew you would be ripped apart. I won't defend you if you start coming for her. Once that starts, you're on your own. Remember, I stan for Mike and Jan. And to shade her for Britney of all people? No.

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:lmao: @ Reyna hideing behind the purses and coats while her friend got jumped and kicled with pointy stilettos

She just got her hair did, she didn't want that shit on the ground.. LOL

He knew he was wrong, I wasn't about to defend him with that. :lol: Even as a friend, you should know when to let your friends take their snatchings when they fuck up. He earned that. And I feel no guilt :coffee:

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