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Christmas Movies!!!


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I may have mentioned a few times Im a movie person lol, so ofcourse you guys can expect my list to be like this

.Christmas Vacation (FAVE XMAS MOVIE)

.A Christmas Story


.Home Alone

.Home Alone 2

.Home Alone 3 (no where near as good as 1&2 but its good on its alright, grew up with it)

.The Santa Clause

.Charlie Brown Christmas

.Black Christmas (1974)

.Black Xmas (2006)

.Friday After Next

.It's a wonderful life

And only occassionally

.The Polar Express

.Muppets Christmas Carol

Im sure theres more....but I cant think of them this sec.

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Christmas Vacation


How the Grinch Stole Christmas(both versions)

Home Alone 1&2

Muppets Christmas Carol

Those old claymation Christmas movies(all of them)


It's a Wonderful Life

A Christmas Story

The Santa Clause 1,2&3

Charlie Brown Christmas

The Polar Express

The Nightmare Before Christmas

I know I forgot some. But these are the ones I think of at the top of my head. :lol:

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Full clip of the movie that scared him (DAMN I wish this was a real movie)

My personal MOST favorite scene of Home Alone 2 (and thats hard for me cause there was alot, but this one has me laughing so hard)


My part is when the guy says Cliff, and they all look at the old guy Cliff and he's like "no its a lie". And when he makes Tim Curry say I Love You, and then everybody (Im seriously laughing while saying this lol), Poor Cliff he got outted.

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