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Just Seeing The Debra Wilson Mariah Impression For the First Time


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1st time??????? REALLY???? Chile read up lol. I think "Not Insane" is my fave Mariah appearance, but I love all 3 but Mariah's lines are just great my fave is "And your latest album, Is sitting in, The HALF OFF BIN" (close up to Glitter & Just Whitney in trash cans) PRICELESS

Yea Debra could do pretty much anybody, hell her Janet (tho only making 1 appearance) was spot on too, she had tha voice down pact Heres the other 2 times Debra did Mimi

(Debra's spoof of Loverboy sounds more put together than the real song to me lofl)

AND THIS IS ICONIC, Aries as Missy is spot on

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Oh and she's REEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLY spiritual, not christian, but like into the universe, evolution,love, and god, and blessings, very similar to how I am, but Im not as....open about it (as in I usually dont bring it up with people I dont know), but it took me by suprise.

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Debra as Lil Kim

I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE that they made Sisqo gay for the Lord Of The Bling Sketches, he had the best line in the 2nd 1.

Sisqo: "Can we stop, ma feet hurt"

Lil Kim: "I told you not to wear my boots"

Sisqo: "I just cant help it, they make my legs look longa"

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