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Nelly Furtado - 'The Spirit Indestructible'


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Comparing Nelly and Brandy? :huh:

No different from people in Brandy's thread comparing her to Taylor Swift and Pink. :filenails:

Anywho, I wish Nelly the best. Its hard for artist these days when the label isn't offering full support and radio stations are conditioned to only play certain artist. Hopefully Nelly's #s will pick up.

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She just isn't getting the proper promo she needs...it's weird. Proof that if you aren't being put "out there", you aren't going to scan high numbers.

But she has been out there. She's been on shows like Jimmy Fallon, Live with Kelly, Wendy, and others. Most of them are flop shows, but still.

She's done no promo and didn't have a single anyone cared about, it's not surprising it flopped so bad. What it does reveal is that she doesn't seem to have a very loyal fan base lol

Yeah. :lol:

Poor girl. -_-

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