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The Janet Jackson Praise Thread

Mr. Wonder

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Vanessa Elisha - Australian R&B artist



Janet Jackson has the most perfect smile #randomthoughts




@Stevies_Wonder we're in the studio working and have her video clips on in the background 1f648.4404c97ad6.png




@Stevies_Wonder i love herrr. Currently watching 'thats the way love goes' that jlo cameo tho lol. Also love her in poetic justice #fangirl



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This is not necessarily praise but it is 2pac's brother Mo speaking about Pacs behavior on set of Poetice Justice.  People always seem to make it like she shunned Pac.  I wish  she would have at least kept in touch but its good to hear from his brother that he was a handful.  Usually family members blame the other person.  Starts at the 6:37 mark  :)


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Was this posted? Was this posted in the right thread?




Janet Jackson – “When I Think of You”


Today is the final Friday in May, a month I’ll aIways associate with college graduations. Granted, I graduated from college at the end of the last decade, but certain times of the year, and certain songs, will always take you back to those times. I was at Rock Creek Social Club’s interpretation of the day party, Grilled Cheese Social, earlier this month, and Jerome Baker lll played one of my favorite Janet Jackson songs: “When I Think of You.” For a moment, I was 20 years old again.


I discovered this gem from her 1986 breakthrough, Control, long before I got to college. It’s been a favorite since my childhood days when it would loom in the background when my mother played DJ while I begrudgingly did Saturday morning chores. But the real reason “When I Think Of You” presses my nostalgia button is because it was featured prominently on a VH1 special that came out while I was an undergrad.


In 2006, VH1 organized a list of the 100 Greatest Teen Stars. It included some obvious choices (Molly Ringwald was number one; no surprise there), the girls we’ll always be in love with (Lisa Bonet, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Christina Applegate), and people you probably forgot about (A.J. Langer, best known for her role as Rayanne Graff on My So Called Life). For some of the segments, a genius over at VH1 elected to use the instrumental for “When I Think of You” as background music.


After spending an entire Saturday scrutinizing the list’s order while doing homework, I couldn’t get the song out of my head. I remember meeting up with my friends at one of my alma mater’s basketball games later that evening and surveying the gym, absorbing all of the scenery. The stands resembled a mosaic composed of various shades of brown: a collection of young, ambitious minorities all pursuing the same goal. All of my friends were in the same place; none of us were concerned with children, mortgages, or year-end reviews. I realized all of this was temporary — we would never be that young again, and no matter how hard we tried to duplicate it, never again would we all be present in that moment.


Now, thanks to some Pavlovian magic, hearing “When I Think of You” makes me reflect on the time when I lived for Saturday night — when the only thing that mattered was getting into something to keep as much distance as possible between that instant and Monday’s first class.


The version of “When I Think of You” that appears in the Julien Temple-directed video is a dance remix of the song, but I prefer the original album version. Above that, I love when she performs it live, because Janet is a phenomenal performer, and “When I Think of You” is one of those ‘80s, feel-good songs that you kind of have to do the Roger Rabbit or some two-step variation to.


Janet, who just turned 49 earlier this month, is in the midst of another comeback. That means another world tour, which means another opportunity for her to do a medley featuring “When I Think of You.” If that doesn’t happen, I wouldn’t mind Tinashe, a young Janet disciple, randomly dancing to it during one of her shows. But in the interim, I’ll settle for Jerome or another DJ playing it as part of an ‘80s tangent during one of their sets.




When I Think of Slay being praised again. 





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