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Rihanna’s Acting Also Auto-Tuned


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Hollywood is abuzz after this week’s revelation that Rihanna’s performance in Battleship was accentuated using new “emotion modulation software.” The technology was developed by Antares Audio, the makers of auto-tune, the audio processor solely responsible for the Barbados born star’s singing career.

Said director Peter Berg, “From the first day of shooting, we knew we had a problem. As an actress – and a human being – Rihanna’s emotional range vacillates between ‘completely vacant’ and ‘thinking about buying handbags.’”

Once Berg entered post-production, he called upon Antares Audio to see if they could apply the pitch correction technology used in Rihanna’s string of top ten hits to her on-camera performance. The result, according to Berg, was astounding.

“We were able to get [Rihanna’s] face to register such emotions as ‘concern for love interest’ and ‘scared of robot alien.’ It was a lifesaver.” Other major Hollywood players are already clamoring for the software.

“I wish I had this while making Green Lantern,” said director Martin Cambell. “Do you have any idea what it’s like to drag a facial expression out of Blake Lively?” Said a representative for Antares, “We’re engineers, not magicians.



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