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Whoops Now


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I'm just listenin to this and I remembered hearing this song for the first time. Now when janet. came out, I had purchased (well my ma did) the tape first, the music ended at the "Sweet Dreams" outro. So when I finally converted to cd almost a year later, I was up late one night and was listening, forgot about turning cd off, I kept it playin, and I hear talking... I'm like what the fuck is this? So I keep listening, and Whoops Now comes on! I'm shocked as hell, I turn to the cd booklet to see if this track was supposed to be on there... it wasn't. This was first I heard a "hidden track" on any cd.

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I had the tape first too. When I was about 11 or so, I asked my aunt to burn her copy of the CD for me. I only wanted a few tracks but I also wanted to have "Whoops Now" just because it wasn't on my tape. I mistakenly asked her to include "Are You Still Up" instead of "Sweet Dreams". Needless to say, I was pissed. :umm:

I also had the video on my Design of a Decade VHS. I always thought it was a peculiar choice to include it, seeing as it wasn't on the album.

I believe Janet wrote the song by herself. It's cute, but I usually forget it exists. I can't believe it was such a big hit in Europe. :lol:

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