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Embarrassing: Madonna’s ‘MDNA’ Price Slashed To $0.41


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It’s hard being a Pop megastar. Yet, that much harder when you’re one who can no longer sell.

Just ask Madonna.

For, while her royal status sees her Madgesty sell-out arena’s globally, it seems interest in her music has hit rock bottom.

Find out out why after the jump…

According to Roger Friedman over at Showbiz 411, the 53 year old’s latest album is now available on Amazon for all of $0.41. Yes you read correct:

The saga of Madonna’s “MDNA” just keeps getting stranger. Even as Madonna launches her world wide tour–very successful, looks like a hit–”MDNA” is suffering. The latest situation: the album is being offered on amazon.com for 41 cents. That’s right–forty one pennies. The shipping is actually more expensive–$2.98. A couple of different companies are offering “MDNA” at this price. I emailed AbundaTrade in South Carolina. Their owner advised me: “Yes, there was a flaw in our purchasing calculator. We paid $4.86 each. We have 111 left in stock and can sell them all to you for $0.41 plus $2.98 shipping each as per our Amazon listing.” That’s pretty much as low as you can go.


Granted ol’ Madge is probably laughing all the way to the bank (see: tour gross), the Janet’s, GaGa’s, and Mariah’s she so often shades are likely cackling at this shocking low. A low which, due to Billboard rules, won’t even count towards to LP’s so-so sales.

On the plus side, at least the album’s price now reflects the material.

Click here to buy ‘MDNA’ for $0.41 :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

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I came in here thinking I was going to get my ki of the day, but it's the Amazon Marketplace, and not Amazon directly. :umm: That doesn't really count.

1. Marketplace sellers sell tons of CDs for less than a dollar. I've bought many albums for $0.01.

2. It's the CLEAN version. Of course they want to get rid of the clean version. Nobody wants those CDs.

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