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When Did Tamar Braxton Become a Blonde White Woman?


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You saw my pic before on the old thread.. I stopped posting my pic when that queen (Game's old friend) turned me into a cheerleader.. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I never saw it! There's nobody here now that would do anything like that. Post it!!

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Tamar and Beyonce both are naturally light as hell so a ton of light directly on them will make them look caucasion, I do think Loreal made Bey's pics lighter (not because it's Bey and another reason to clown her) because they do that to almost every black and hispanic women who endorses them, J.Lo looks white in her hair commercials and print for them, and she's not that light in person, Same with Eva Longoria. And with the way these pics look, I dont think she was digitally lightened.

actually Jlo is pretty light in person tho. at least she was when i saw her on 106 & Park in 2011

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