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Official Thread - P!nk 'Truth' Tour Debuts on Netflix

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Anyway respect where it's due. I love that P!nk sells without being talked about. She has the biggest selling album by a female artist this year even though it was released last year...and Katy, Miley and Gaga had bigger promo and were all over the tabloids and stuff. And it's a better album than them 3.


Stop coming for my nationality, bitch :rolleyes:

Biggest selling single too

and highest grossing tour

She's slaying all of them out there, without any problem or effort

she's like the butch Adele

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P!nk has signed a new worldwide deal that will keep the pop superstar with RCA Records for years to come. The label, which released 2012's "The Truth About Love," announced the multi-album deal on Tuesday.

"I am super duper excited to continue onwards and upwards with RCA and my team there," the singer born Alecia Moore says in a statement. "We work really well together and they care in a way that artists don't get to see very often anymore. I look forward to whatever the future holds for us and am so beyond thrilled with how much they believe in me. Woohoo rock n roll!"

RCA execs share in her excitement, with CEO Peter Edge calling P!nk a "one-of-a-kind artist," and label president Tom Corson saying she's "in a league of her own" and has "upped the ante on what it takes to remain on top of the global stage."

That stage includes her recent record-breaking tour, in which she played 142 shows in 13 countries.

No details though as to how much which kinda sucks

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