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The Official Brandy Thread

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You gotta know
You got a love you can depend on
In me a trust that our love will grow strong
There's no second guessing
Or wondering if the way I feel is forreal
Cause I'll be your shield when your fighting
I'll be your eyes when you're blinded
My love is eternal, so unconditional
From the beginning til the end


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An article Niecy Nash wrote to Brandy in Essence magazine http://www.essence.c...end-brandy-icon As my time as guest blogger on ESSENCE.com comes to an end I want to leave you with a very special

If I hadn't already had my tear ducts removed I would have cried my damn self http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jghp_4aFNqU

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It's my fave from the album. I think "Full Moon" is underrated. It's probably my fave album of hers.



so I work weekends alone, and it seems like every weekend Im into a different artist, I just plug my computer into the speakers at work and play whoever, this weekend I played Brandy, and I forgot how many songs she has that I love......I think my favorite Brandy album is "Full Moon" too Rodney Jerkins worked magic for Brandy, but Brandy's vocals are alll her :yahoo:

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