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Post When You Hear a Janet Song on the Radio

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TTWLG came on at IKEA while I was looking for curtains. Too bad it wasn't If. I could've used the curtains as props.

H&M was playing the smash hit "Say You Do" yesterday. All of the gurls were getting into it. But one of the gurls in line was like, "Iz dis Michael Jackson?" I gave him a look: His f

chile if Janet is getting spins on the low, its some shit in the air, her team is working this era.....go head gurl!   take it, as a Jackson its yo birth right and you earned all of it and more ...go

'When I Think Of You'. I've been hearing Janet's music regularly in public for quite a few weeks now. :wub:It might be a sign for her to get back here.

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Heard Runaway at the pharmacy while checking to see if condoms were on sale.

Made lots of friends, many different races

I've had such fun around the world it's true :ph34r:

And I just know we'll have a good time. :shifty:

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