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Post When You Hear a Janet Song on the Radio

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TTWLG came on at IKEA while I was looking for curtains. Too bad it wasn't If. I could've used the curtains as props.

H&M was playing the smash hit "Say You Do" yesterday. All of the gurls were getting into it. But one of the gurls in line was like, "Iz dis Michael Jackson?" I gave him a look: His f

chile if Janet is getting spins on the low, its some shit in the air, her team is working this era.....go head gurl!   take it, as a Jackson its yo birth right and you earned all of it and more ...go

When I Think of YOu....it was on in the other room. I had heard the beat, and something drew me to the other room b/c i didn't know what song it was, then when i came to my bedroom I heard Janet breaking it down on the radio ^_^

So iconic and legendary.


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My floor at work keeps very light music on the overhead intercom system and I hear "Runaway" nearly every day.

And we have this amazing R&B oldies station in our area that plays her several times a day, especially since she came our way. They play "When I Think of You," "Escapade," and "Love Will Never Do" more than the others and I heard "That's the Way Love Goes" this afternoon.

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One of the grocery stores I go to has this constant playlist, and I swear, every single time I go in there, When I Think of Hew? plays. :sigh:

Of all songs, that's the one they choose for their playlist? :umm::sigh:

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They seriously do play "When I Think of You" more than any of her other songs. I heard it on the way home just now and lost my voice belting it like the Reconciliation of Shug Avery.

Some will be completely PRESSED by your truth Kenneth. hee20hee-vi.gif

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