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Post When You Hear a Janet Song on the Radio

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TTWLG came on at IKEA while I was looking for curtains. Too bad it wasn't If. I could've used the curtains as props.

H&M was playing the smash hit "Say You Do" yesterday. All of the gurls were getting into it. But one of the gurls in line was like, "Iz dis Michael Jackson?" I gave him a look: His f

chile if Janet is getting spins on the low, its some shit in the air, her team is working this era.....go head gurl!   take it, as a Jackson its yo birth right and you earned all of it and more ...go

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I JUST HEARD "WHEN I THINK OF YOU" ON THE RADIO! I was scanning some documents and I had to use a co-workers office and the radio was on. As soon as I walked in, the beat to WITOY came on. I almost lost my fucking mind! I had to compose myself because there were two guys at their desks. I just hummed along to the scripture.

What kind of blessing to receive when I walk thru the door and Janhova watches over me while I'm at work?!


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I can finally contribute :tear:

I don't know if it counts...as I'm not sure if it was the radio.

I was in Starbucks getting myself a [nuk]sassy[/nuk] eggnog latte. I could hear something heavenly over my own music I had on. I quit listening to Monihews Just Another Girl only to be surprised that Slays Now by Janhova was playing :tear:. The Starbucks barista who crushes on me said he immediately thought of me when it played :lol:. He had the nerve to add me on Skype last week and say "I'm drunk on bu" <_<:umm::asham:.

But anyway Janhova transcended on the Brits to fulfill their mornings with sunshine rays from Antigua whilst they're getting their morning coffees in rainy Manchester :tear:. We are not worthy!

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"WITOY" came on in the store the other day. I went skipping down the aisles, and skipped my happy ass out when the song ended; however I forgot to get what I went in the store for. -_-

What kind of EPIC song? -_-

WITOJ took over ya mind. -_-

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