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  1. Hi everybody! I'm Greg and I'm new here. As a Janet fan who's been following her since 1989, I thought it was time for me to join this fabulous community. I always wondered why there has never been a remix album for "Rhythm Nation 1814" like there was for "Control" and "Janet." There are so many versions of the singles released from that album, it's not as if there was nothing to start with... Back in 2013 I decided to make a selection of those tracks and put them on a fan remix album mixed with the original interludes from RN1814. The result is a boiling down of all that stuff to a one hour album / playlist, blending together several versions for each song. As 2019 is the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the groundbreaking album, I thought it was time to share this: The 1814 Mixes For those who know the 12" versions Inside out, sometimes you will easily spot the changes made. Sometimes it won't be that obvious. Tell me what you think.
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