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Janet Wiki Clean-Up??

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Just wanted to put this out to the supportive fan community...  

Is anyone out there an experienced Wikipedia editor?  It would be great to do a little clean-up on Janet's Singles and Albums Charts.  I try but I'm not the best and get dinged a lot for me edits.  

One major thing would be to update and expand her chart records to include the US R&B chart positions (for all decades, they're only listed for the 80s right now) AND add in the US Dance Club Songs Charts.  She has 19 number ones on the Dance Club Songs chart, but none of them are reflected on the Wiki Discography page.  

It would be Epic to also list the UK R&B Singles charts (she has 4 number ones there I believe) and try to get some charts for countries like South Africa and Japan.  As we all know, Wikipedia is a rather Anglo/Euro-Centric tool so people often forget about listing charts from other countries.  


Is anyone a fast editor that could possibly do this?  Would be so cool to have it updated by the 16th, but I'm just not fast enough.  



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