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  1. 1 hour ago, Lutfa said:

    Haha knowing Jimmy and Gil we'll probably get told we should be happy with what we got etc. We need to figure out a nice way to ask 

    Yeah I'm avoiding them haha. I always direct my messages to UMe, Joey Harris, Jareiq Kabara and Anastasia Wright. They're from her team and are really involved in releases and promotion. 

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  2. 7 minutes ago, Lutfa said:

    Oh absolutely agree. I originally asked for remastered albums on CD, but we got what we got. And the YT situation is ridiculous. I don't wanna pop in a DVD every time I wanna watch Together Again for example. The TVs nowadays scale it down to a messy looking lq video anyway. 

    Rhythm Nation deserves an official remastered CD + Remixes CD release. Hell, throw the RN Short film in there too. The concert is on YT but a blu ray release bundle with the CD would've been epic too. 

    Absolutely! I think we just have to remind her team all the time haha. I send them tweets asking for these things once every few weeks, so hopefully one day. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, Lutfa said:

    Totally agree with it being partially Janet's own doing - she just doesn't care for making a huge comeback and huge budget music videos. But at the same time her team is celebrating a dance no 1 like it was a global smash which makes it weird to me. I had to work my ass off to get those reissues out there, and to convince everyone there IS a huge demand for it. Jimmy told me he doesn't care about reissues and sees no point in doing them, but now he is celebrating the success of the releases. So I'm glad something I did had an impact and it was positive. But I always feel like I have to argue against, not only her core fan base but also her team to get something obvious across. Like a reissue. They're crucial in order to keep the legacy alive and to get those songs played so people don't forget. 

    As for her outfits it's really not a huge deal but cmon. You could make a lil bit of an effort. That 90s jeans and shirt look is not gonna happen. I'm just happy she is performing and seems to be enjoying it again. 

    Cinq made a mistakes by screwing up the release of Made for Now and it didn't have a global radio premiere for that reason. And got left out from radio play. And their team only wants opinions of certain fans, not all. Which is elitist as fuck. 

    I know Janet could easily release another big album but European success is hard for her to achieve at this point. Even with an obvious no 1 song, the promotion would have to be aggressive as hell to break thru. But here's to hoping a new album is coming soon. 

    Even though I feel her current team does a better job at promoting then her 2015 team, there are still some missed oppurtunities... Made For Now could've been much bigger. Yes, it was #1 in Mexico which is impressive but it peaked at, like #88 on the Hot 100? No Sleeep did better in 2015 and there was NO promotion on tv for that song whatsoever.

    Even though I'm happy about the vinyl re-issues, I think Rhythm Nation 1814 should've had a CD reissue as well. There is a demand, people want the tour to be released in some way. I know we got the remixes digitally, but RN deserved a bigger celebration. 

    Last but not least, I'm frustrated the music videos are missing on YouTube. I'm happy some are being remastered, but too many videos are STILL blocked in lots of countries or not even uploaded. It's crazy. Janet should have at LEAST 4 or 5 videos with 100+ million views but circumstances (Viacom boycott, VEVO not uploading videos or keeping videos blocked) f***ed things up.

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  4. 21 hours ago, JoeJoe said:

    just stop. Number ones was a small venue tour so of course she wouldn't use much production. You also said a keyword "basic". When has Janet ever been known and viewed as basic? :rolleyes: 

    It's a lot of fans these days that express their feelings about Janets tours not being as extravagant as they used to be. Compared to the 1993-2008 tours the last 3 or 4 tours are more "basic". Less special effects, just Janet and the dancers. Metamorphosis was the exception.  

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  5. 4 hours ago, janetDAYZ said:

    Number Ones is her most forgettable tour. And Sotw was even more basic than Unbreakable...so whats your point? 

    Of course ppl are still going to go see Janet regardless but thats not the argument here. Stay on subject. 

    Yeah I pretty much responded to that one comment. 

  6. 7 hours ago, janetDAYZ said:

    I wouldnt say all that. I mean it def was high energy but you make it sound like it was on the level of her energy during the TVR tour...and thats when Janet was in RARE FORM. 

    But if im being honest, we know Janet has the showmanship as a performer but a dash of production/special effects only hightens a performance imo. I feel Janet always thinks juss her and her dancers are good enough but we gotta crank it and take it up sone notches ..we need visuals along w/ dancing imo. It juss has more of a "wow" factor. Juss like how her 2009 AMA performance fell flat , well becus it was juss HER and HER DANCERS up there juss dancing. It was basic. There wasnt much you could sink your teeth into bc there was no element of excitement. No props..no visuals..no special effects..no story. She missed tge mark on that one and thats why thats known as her forgettable award show performance of them all. Production value + showmanship = UNMATCHED BEAST 

    She doesn't need all of that. Number Ones was pretty basic, just like Unbreakable. People showed up because they wanted to see Janet rocking it! 

  7. 6 hours ago, FreelovesJJ said:

    You’re missing the point. Made for Now dropped over a year ago & when it did she had already recorded enough to give you new material. It’s not about telling a local paper...she doesn’t want you to anticipate anything because she’s not dropping. 

    For years fans have created their own hope that she’s going to deliver the music and visuals and products they desire...but when she tells you she’s not, she usually means it lol. 

    Very recently Ty Dolla Sign received a track from Janet to work on. That means she's certainly working on things. Maybe not constantly, but eventually there will be an album. 

  8. Of COURSE Janet is not gonna tell a local newspaper she's working on a new album, lol. Plus, when she says she's not working on new music RIGHT NOW, she's probably being honest. Her focus has been on Metamorphosis and now these RN30 shows. I can totally see Janet return to the studio around December/January, finishing what she already has and then March/April-ish the album. 

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  9. 40 minutes ago, janetDAYZ said:

    Then why do u feel Janet has been having cameras following her for these last couple of yrs if shes not working on a doc? Thats strange. 

    Fans were interviewed before shows and they were told it was gonna be some sort of documentary 

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  10. 42 minutes ago, janetDAYZ said:

    Aint nobody doin dvd's no more in 2019!! Lmfao get over that. Its not profitable. I know we want that as fans but businesswise they missed that ship ages ago. This is not the climate to release a dvd realistically. 

    ....Or in a different way. Release it on Netflix. 

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  11. 18 hours ago, janetDAYZ said:

    What I took from what he said is beyond juss new music tho (I hate speculating) but It came off like its some surprises that go beyond juss a new album . I really believe Janet got sum tricks up her sleeve. Especially based off him telling about sitting down having a one on one talk with her..and sharing with me about how she is loving the space that shes in right now and her heart is full of gratitude. That she is thankful for the career she has had amd juss tons of shit he was telling me she was saying verbatim. 

    I still hope there will be a special Rhythm Nation release next month. Maybe with the RN Tour on dvd. It's the perfect time.

  12. 4 hours ago, janetDAYZ said:

    I juss spoke w/ a friend of mine who is in the music industry and recently juss met w/ Janet and her camp. He's a background singer that knows most of Janet's team so they were able to get him some one on one time with her bc Janet had heard about him for years bc of the background work he does with Erykah Badu ... I asked him what was the experience like meeting Janet and all that but then RN anniversary spot dates came up in the convo and he said to me...


    "Her camp has been working hard, extremely hard, quietly and rapidly behind the scenes on ALOT of stuff thats getting ready to come out. Alot of it Im not at liberty to say juss bc I got a bit of sum insight of whats going on after talking to Gil for the last couple of months and some other members on the team."

    So yall can take it for what its worth, or with a grain of salt. Im juss passing on info that was told to me. Mind you i didnt even ask him about any of that inside info...we were juss casually talkin about the vegas show and her wanting to meet him and vice versa. 

    Good to hear! It's pretty much a confirmation of what we already kinda knew (new music), but it's nice to know her team is working hard behind the scenes. 

  13. 29 minutes ago, TaurusLove84 said:

    Man... I think she should have a break... Go on a long holiday with her baby... I mean she's been touring/doing concerts for almost two years now... almost since the baby was born... People will love her regardless if she makes a few stops here and there or not. I would love for her to just chill with her baby boy on a beach somewhere far away... Babies grow up so quickly...

    She takes breaks. It's not like she works all the time. I guess Janet knows best what works for her and Eissa.

  14. 2 hours ago, Lenzo88 said:

    I honestly believe so too!!! She has been racking up MADD coins all year and I think it might be for the upcoming project aka new album and world tour for 2020!!! It makes sense since SOTW 1 and 2 were definitely funding for “Made For Now” and that mini-era right there in terms of promotion, music video and live performances. If Janet and her team are planing for this to be her biggest era in a long while, seems they need A LOT of funding considering Janet is independent and has her own label to run now. 😳😱🤔

    I just hope momma is getting enough rest!!! 👀👍

    Thats definitely the plan! 

    She's restoring her relationship with the fans worldwide (a smart move) before the 2020 album and world tour.🙏🏻

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  15. 1 hour ago, jayray73 said:

    If she's  going to include MFN on her New Album I believe she should do what she did with Doesn't Really Matter and do an Alternate Version/Extended Version of MFN to coincide with the New/Freshness of All New Material 

    Agreed. Isn't there a solo version without Daddy?

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  16. 14 hours ago, JoeJoe said:

    I know all that but "famous". Nah. Famous is "Together Again", "Rhythm Nation", "All For You" and many others but MFN....nope.

    was it? :umm: 

    All the songs you mentioned are from the prime years 1986-2001. Considering she's 50+ now and managed to have a #1 song in Mexico and a Billboard Chart is reason to put it on the album. 

  17. 45 minutes ago, Lenzo88 said:

    Ya’ll need to stop shading “Made For Now” like it wasn’t Mexico’s new national anthem!!! 🙄😝🤪😘

    Just the fact that it was such a hit in Mexico should be enough reason to include it on the album. Mexico is going to buy the album. 😁💁🏻‍♂️

  18. 2 hours ago, JoeJoe said:

    what's a famous song? Surely you're not talking about "Made For Now". :umm: 

    It went to #1 on two charts, song has quite some streams, video quite some views. Yep, it should definitely be on the album. 😉

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