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  1. 11 hours ago, JoeJoe said:

    Awe this is awesome! Idk where you're from but I love your accent. You sound like you are in your 20s meanwhile most of us Janet fans are in our 30s and 40s. How much was the book if you don't mind?

    Thanks! I'm indeed in my 20s and I'm from the Netherlands! 😁 

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  2. 9 hours ago, diamondbutterfly said:

    Is this the right way to get at it though? To destroy more people after someone was treated badly in the past. We know better now, so we should do better now. I honestly don't see what good this document could do. 

    The truth is she is not without blame in the SB incident. They planned at least some of it together, but it failed. It was a huge misstep in her career. Everybody makes mistakes. But why should we relive it over and over again. She was treated unfairly after it but will this document change what has already happened? Can we blame it all on just a few persons? I believe it's more complicated than that.

    This doc will focus on the aftermath. And 99% of the people have no idea that she was blacklisted. So yeah, this doc is a good thing. We all know SOMETHING was planned during the performance, but that's not the emphasis in this documentary.

  3. 7 hours ago, diamondbutterfly said:

    The thing is. We don't know the truth to everything that happened behind the scenes. Sometimes it's better to just move on. She will get her comeback/her legacy will live on regardless if some gossip documentary will be released or not. I don't think anyone with any real substance would be allowed to comment on it anyway.

    Well, we know that Les Moonves was involved and that Janet's music was actively blacklisted. I'm sure this doc will give us more insights and I'm sure most people are not even aware of this entire blacklist.

    When I mention Janet Jackson, people usually react very positive about her, but they always say: "Where did she go? What happened? I haven't heard her music in ages, but she was really good!" 

  4. As long as the doc won't 100% focus on the incident itself, it will be good! People have enough of that. What people DON'T know yet is that Janet's career was sabotaged and that the effects of that are STILL very visible. I'm certain that Viacom and Les Moonves will be exposed, so this doc is more than welcome. (And yes, I think Janet would be happy about that).

  5. 19 hours ago, bonsaibutterfly said:

    There's also a lot of random things like road cases, lamps and kitchen supplies that you could find at your local Malibu fleamarket, and which maybe should be sold there instead of at Julien's.🙄

    Noo!! For most fans, the actual costumes are way to expensive, but buying some furniture that was once owned by Janet is something fans are willing to pay for (it's not that expensive 💁🏻‍♂️, unless many fans will bid on those things).

  6. I wonder what she's up to. It would be a bit soon to get in shape for the world tour already... I think they're getting her + her team ready to do new photoshoots and some music videos! 

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  7. On 3/26/2021 at 10:39 PM, bonsaibutterfly said:

    I think she will release the album soon. And she will skip the tour part. It would be ideal to her! That way she wouldn't have to leave her baby and do the draining travelling. I think she will do some performance online and only those who bought the album can see it or something like that.

    I have a feeling there's already a secret music video done and we will see it by the end of this spring or even sooner.

    Music-wise, that would be great. 

    Touring-wise, I don't see that happening. Janet is definitely waiting to kick-off the project until she can -at least- announce the new tour dates. She won't make a profit if there is not a tour.

    9 hours ago, Lenzo88 said:

    Are they already teasing new dates next year when we don’t even know things will be back to normal??? 😳🤔😐

    Chances are big that we can actually return to concerts early next year, and maybe even later THIS year. However, nothing is certain yet, that's why Janet hasn't announced any dates yet.

  8. 1 hour ago, JoeJoe said:

    I wish they would've worked on it a long time ago cause they're over a decade late smh

    It's long overdue... Imagine if all her videos were available/unblocked in 2009/2010. Views would've been pretty high by now i guess. And now imagine all her videos online since 2009/2010 AND she never faced the boycott. She would've had multiple videos with 100m+ views 💁🏻‍♂️😭

  9. Tomorrow is the fourth edition of #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay! I feel like this is the one social media event where pretty much all Janet fans actually seem to participate in, LOL. 

    How are you guys going to celebrate? And do you think Janet might be 'rewarding' us afterwards? (Like she did last year by posting her "Stay tuned"-post that turned into the Black Diamond announcement)


    Also, let's #StreamDamitaJo! 💪🏼

  10. 1 hour ago, J. said:

    If she’s simply doing it for money (like some of you claim whenever she fails to do something people want) then she can stop. She can tour later.

    The whole plan was to go on tour again and release an album alongside that. Of course she could release the album now, but what if she has to wait another full year before she can start a world tour? That's a risk, even if there's a whole plan promotion wise. Also, making an album is expensive and she's gotta make some good profit from it (which only a tour can bring).

  11. On 1/2/2021 at 3:53 AM, EphraimAdamz said:

    She has the connects to record a music video. She can do a virtual interview anywhere or host an online listening party for fans so I really don't understand the hold up. As long as the album is #1 is the rest really a big deal?

    That's not the issue at all. Just releasing an album doesn't really bring in the $$$. A tour does. She gotta play it smart, especially in these times. 

  12. On 1/12/2021 at 6:02 PM, Bailey said:

    If you're talking to her "team" I would say Jimmy is the best bet, he listens and he has her ear. I'm not saying Jimmy will respond, but he's accessible enough to get the message.  I think he does Twitter enough to go there.

    Yup. He seen it as well, and actually liked the post. He knows what we think and what we desire, lol. Now it's time for Janet's team (+ Janet) to act. Lol.

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