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  1. We've had this discussion before, the difference between Kandi's relationship between Kim & Nene, is Kim & Kandi were friends, since day 1, they had a bond and relationship that went past what was seen on camera. Where's Nene fom day 1 has shaded Kandi (BEFORE Kandi ever shaded her), Kandi only started to shade her when Nene started acting a fool about the Tardy for the party song. Kandi was more lenient towards Kim because they had no issues for a good while, and when Kim was shading her house, it wasn't serious enough to throw a typical Nene fit about that kind of thing. Kandi got shade for everybody, but will not read for no reason at all. But plain & simple, Nene & Kandi aren't real friends (they type that she was with Kim anyway) and they have a history of arguments and disagreements that wer mostly started by Nene

    But the last time they fought was season 2 and yet Kandi still seems to be holding a grudge, whereas even though she and Kim were "friends," Kim continually has done her dirty and she has still just taken it. That makes no sense.

  2. she's checked Kim after that plenty of times :rolleyes: and she even told her how she always has excuses not to go somewhere. Kandi checks when checks are needed :coffee:

    After that?? You know damn well she should have checked kim for the DBT nonsense and instead got punked. and Where was the needed check when Kim threw shade at kandi right to her face when she saw her new house in the season premiere?? Why was she still Kim's friend anyway this season after the whole black baby shit that went down last season? That's another time Kim did kandi dirty and kandi just took it. Meanwhile nene has barely done anything to kandi since season 2 yet kandi has no problem reading her for no reason repeatedly.

  3. did ya'll know this show is pulling in like 3 million viewers an episode? Its the highest ever for the series....the show is hotter than ever before

    Yeah 3 million+ viewers an episode is typical for RHOA, they're the highest rated RH franchise. They currently hold the record for most watched RH episode with 4 million+ viewers for the S3 finale when Cynthia got married. Also the S5 premiere episode was the highest rated RH premiere episode thus far.

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