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  1. http://www.vibe.com/article/rihanna-curses-paparazzi-out-british-fashion-awards
  2. Love the actor playing the Axeman. So creepy!! Can't wait for tonight's ep.
  3. She needs to get with the times and get away from will.i.am! This euro genre of pop is so dated.
  4. Pebbles

    Breaking Bad?

    What Walt did to Mike really pissed me off..I loved mike!
  5. You can stream the album for free on iTunes..there's 3 really amazing tracks and the rest of the album has some really good moments. Its a good album but not better than his last.
  6. I even love Phresh Off the Runway now. Rihanna has really cemented herself as THAT CHICK with this era.
  7. But the last time they fought was season 2 and yet Kandi still seems to be holding a grudge, whereas even though she and Kim were "friends," Kim continually has done her dirty and she has still just taken it. That makes no sense.
  8. After that?? You know damn well she should have checked kim for the DBT nonsense and instead got punked. and Where was the needed check when Kim threw shade at kandi right to her face when she saw her new house in the season premiere?? Why was she still Kim's friend anyway this season after the whole black baby shit that went down last season? That's another time Kim did kandi dirty and kandi just took it. Meanwhile nene has barely done anything to kandi since season 2 yet kandi has no problem reading her for no reason repeatedly.
  9. Yeah 3 million+ viewers an episode is typical for RHOA, they're the highest rated RH franchise. They currently hold the record for most watched RH episode with 4 million+ viewers for the S3 finale when Cynthia got married. Also the S5 premiere episode was the highest rated RH premiere episode thus far.
  10. When has she ever checked Kim in fact she seems to kowtow to Kim and back down from her. Lets not forget how she let Kim punk her with the Don't Be Tardy for the Party residuals
  11. Well it's probably because I'm a Nene stan so I'm a little biased and have never really understood why Kandi always seems to throw shade at her. Plus I think Kandi is a little boring and like Kim and Sheree is past her Housewives expiration date.
  12. I'm starting to really warm up to Cynthia this season she can really read! I think I like porsha too. Kenya is over the top but entertaining. I've never really liked kandi.
  13. It's so weird that Nene is the last original standing. This show has definitely evolved and I like where it's headed.
  14. She was in the last episode at the very beginning. She isn't in this next episode at all. In fact they've removed her from the opening credits.
  15. It gets much better once Kim leaves and they go to Anguilla. Keep watching.
  16. I'm just mad Marlo didn't get asked back for season 5.
  17. Why is We Found Love not nominated for record/song of the year?
  18. Rihanna literally hunted down the Dream in a club so she could record Umbrella. She did the same thing when she had an intense sit down with will.i.am to get "Photographs" during the Rated R era (it was originally going to be a B.E.P track).
  19. OMG I remember the UK Brad scandal
  20. Idk if you remember me, been here since 06. I was RhythmNation_06, then RN07 then a bunch of other names
  21. Omg nobody's business is so epic and powerful!!! She is our generations Madonna
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