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  1. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic New Pictures: Janet with Eissa   

    Hmm so Gil is with them too?  They may have been going to/ coming from a business meeting.  Discussing roll-out, etc.  
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  2. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic New Pictures: Janet with Eissa   

    Eissa really does seem to be the sweetest, calmest baby on earth. Every time we see him, he is just cool  as a cucumber!! 
    And i kinda feel for them, never being able to just go out on a nice sunny day. Not easy. And no wonder he's so light... he never gets to play outside!!! 
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  3. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic The Pop Culture Thread: When IMPACTNET Strikes Edition   

    Katy Perry sprinkles some Janet Jackson into her Witness: The Tour (around the 2:30 mark)... 
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  4. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic E! News Confirms: Janet & Jermaine Are NOT Dating   

    Not sure how true all this is, but the one I do know. Denzel Chisholm is FIIINE. I really don't know how Janet can resist Any Time Any Place-ing him every night. 😈
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  5. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic New Music Coming & President of RN Label   

    Yes Unbreakable was amazing, but so much has changed for Janet since it came out.  A new era necessitates some new music. 
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  6. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic The Janet Jackson Charts Thread   

    Still trying to figure out how it missed the Billboard 200. 
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  7. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic New Music Coming & President of RN Label   

    Trying to read minds here lol... 
    However we got there, the Number 1 album is now in the bag for this decade. Is Janet necessarily pushing for another chart feat, or just for something to fire up her fans for the tour? My guess would have to be the latter, and that is super exciting for me.  But IF good stats can happen, you may as well have a smart plan for them. Even some sort of breakthrough that helps to end the industry blackout would be awesome, even if it doesn't grab stats. 
    And can we talk word choice? I SEE you jqlondon... #Volcanic means it's gotta COME THRU
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  8. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic New Music Coming & President of RN Label   

    yep P!nk is Oct. 20th, and if I had to guess, Sam Smith would probably be a little later than that since his first video just arrived. October 6th looks like a good date for somethin, if Janet has it. 
    And again, we may be ahead of ourselves to assume an album of all new music. Much like the Tour, a compilation album comprised of Janet's socially conscious material with a few new tracks would be EPIC imo. 
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  9. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic New Music Coming & President of RN Label   

    Some very ominous things being said right now, even as Janet, Jimmy and Terry remain mum. 
    1) Over the weekend, Perez Hilton tried to come for Janet over the Austin tour stop not selling as well as other dates. After a thorough clap back session from the #JanFam, Brad Wavra, President of Live Nation tweeted Hilton saying that they stand behind Janet 100%, and he KEPT saying "just wait till the tour is over".
    2) Stan extraordinaire Kelly Alexander is begging/ warning #JanFam to subscribe to her show... do it NOW!!!
    3) we already know that Janet and her team think ahead for this stuff, an de they will want to pick a moment when they have the greatest momentum to release the new music. That's likely going to be at or before her Los Angeles show on October 8th. Don't forget that Oct. 2nd is the 2-year anniversary of Unbreakable, and October 7th is the 20-year Anniversary of The Velvet Rope. LOTS to celebrate already!! 
    4) If you peak the remaining calendar for album release dates, there'a not much else going on between now amd Taylor Swift's Reputation release November 10th. Again, who knows if it's even a full-length album, but if so she'd have a shot to chart well if it happens before 11/10. But even with a new single, Janet could also release the album after T-Swift's mess dies down. January or February would also be great months to garner a number 1 spot.
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  10. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic Unbreakable will be 2 years old October 2nd   

    So agree!! It's just a beautiful album, and a true return to form for Janet. 
    Night is my single favorite track, but I still listen to that album straight through!!
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  11. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic New Music Coming & President of RN Label   

    Wow so this really is the Janet Jackson takeover in effect!!! I just don't even know what to say. 
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  12. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic New Janet/Jimmy/Terry Documentary..?!   

    So do they have this housed anywhere after the fact?? Cannot locate it!! 
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  13. wayneashleymusic added a topic in All About Janet   

    Documentary Tea!!!
    Before I forget... 
    Be looking for the camera guy.  He was interviewing Houston fans after the show.  
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  14. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    So I've been following this since the first few shows.  I think it's a combination of a few things... 
    1) obviously if you know someone that's directly connected to someone in her camp, that's the way to go.  
    2) Another suggestion-- get there early!!  Look for some of the other super fans and chill with them before the show.  They're the ones lurking around and trying to find people that will get pulled back.  
    3)  The other thing I'm gonna try is get to a smaller show where there (likely) won't be any celebrity visitors.  Janet and Tyler Perry were hanging before the Lafayette show (understandable and great for her), so she probably spent the pre-show time with him and other friends there.  But if you can get to a lower profile stop, that's a change to meet her.  
    Of course I've yet to meet her, but these are tips I picked up from fans who have.  
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  15. wayneashleymusic added a post in a topic OFFICIAL STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR THREAD   

    So on point!!!  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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