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  1. You can ban me for calling someone delusional for saying bullshit and Then you can King Me
  2. Delusional. RWU is trash* I wish someone younger and nonblacklisted did so Janet wouldn’t have wasted her time recording it that terrible album
  3. Kiii at her managers being like “nah.. don’t answer questions about your brother”
  4. She’s not obligated to do anything but there are consequences to being lazy Being better than Discipline is such a low bar to achieve
  5. The difference between stans and casuals: Stans know the artists; casuals just want bops
  6. https://www.walb.com/2019/08/09/americus-woman-tests-negative-hiv-after-facebook-video-goes-viral/ she lied
  7. As an artist that stated for every album was her diary and has something to say.. that is not okay. Especially after the backlash she’s gotten from 2004. There’s a lot of shit she could have said in 2006.. She could have did was Beyoncé does and have camps of writers and ghostwriters but instead she chased hits with her boyfriend and kept up with sex a little too much (every song from every album from 2004-2008 was about sex/love) Thank you @Lenzo88 for telling it like it is.. just watch what you say about Drake
  8. I believe they sent people a song. I didn’t believe Twenty4 knew the tempo
  9. Greater risk, yes but having unprotected sexual with a woman who is HIV+ is still a risk that no HIV- person would take
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