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  1. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis discuss making hits in podcast Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis on Prince, Janet Jackson - Rolling Stone
  2. I noticed that too, the schedule is over a three day period, and the final day is her birthday, and yes, depending on what she puts up, the publicity could be big
  3. pretty good looking packages they have : About Auction (juliensauctions.com)
  4. deuces boo Oprah know she won't sit down with another Jackson, that was the gamble she made
  5. it makes sense if you want to simplify your life, letting go of things you no longer need or serve any purpose to you can be freeing. It costs money to keep things stored away and well kept, she's clearly in a different space in her life.
  6. Just found this, thought I would post it, its pretty good audio quality of the Janet. tour Janet Jackson - Live in Saratoga Springs [June 21, 1994 - Full HQ audio] - YouTube
  7. That's where I am, some of us, have been fans for a really long time, so I can speak for myself, and truth is, I've had the fortune of enjoying most of Janet's successes, and now it feels like the energy she used to feed off of us at shows is the energy we also require, we don't have that from her now. I also mention, often, she is a mother now, and that changes so much in her world, at this point in her career I'm not sure fans are her priority not nearly as much as her personal affairs. It is what it is. I'm not bothered because I dont expect anything from her, if a project comes along great
  8. "American Gods" returns, third season is starting out pretty damn good, they got back to being more like season 1, and ignoring season 2, which was a disaster
  9. I think she's way pass pacifying anyone, because we don't have her videos on Youtube completed and that should be an easy task.
  10. I can wait, I'm concerned about Janet's enthusiasm
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