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  1. Covid is making a comeback, so I don't expect her to put herself nor anyone else in danger going out to tour or promote
  2. or you could just hit play and listen to it for 40 minutes, which was far more efficient
  3. Reassessing Janet Jackson's 'Control' and legacy : It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders : NPR
  4. I would want it, but because they share custody of a child, probably not
  5. We can't and will not trust RS, that's the white man's publication they should thank Janet for her epic historic most ever duplicated cover
  6. something to look forward to, it's always a reason for me to smile thinking Janet is still out here active in entertainment, and it excites me!
  7. I can't wait ......it looks so damn good
  8. Lizzo stirred up some ole tea concerning two women we know that's how little I wanted to say about this thus no link no press, cause leave it alone.
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