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  1. something to look forward to, it's always a reason for me to smile thinking Janet is still out here active in entertainment, and it excites me!
  2. I can't wait ......it looks so damn good
  3. Lizzo stirred up some ole tea concerning two women we know that's how little I wanted to say about this thus no link no press, cause leave it alone.
  4. when I tell you in Detroit they have advertising everywhere ! man they representing for a sis
  5. missing Janet churl where you at? come thru good sis
  6. placing all 4 of those artists firmly into a unique category really sends the message of how important their music was
  7. Janet Jackson on Prince: "We were never best friends, but we knew each other..." ~ ~ TOYA'Z WORLD ~ (toyazworldblog.net) Never saw this!
  8. those pieces are so much more intricate up close than I recall back then
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