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  1. Highest quality I could find (so far). Some I ripped myself from the digital issue I bought. You're welcome. ❤️ http://www.janetbr.com/gallery/portfolio/warwick-saint-2018/
  2. Idris Elba shared this pic on his Twitter today. I CAN'T BREATHE! Hope its true.
  3. feehgarcia

    JANET at the Essence Music Festival 2018?

    All I know is I got an e-mail from her team earlier this week requesting to take down the SOTW tour book scans from JANET.br photo gallery. I never had problems with them about content/posts/pics/videos/copyright... none of that. Only once when Gil did a Instagram live and spilled the tea about the tour/setlist/outfits... Then we wrote down what he said and they asked us to remove it from Facebook "he said none of that", but when the tour started it was all there LOL Anyway... My point is: I did the same thing with UNBREAKABLE. The tour wrapped, I scanned and shared the photoshoot. Nobody said a thing. I did the same with SOTW this week and they ask me to remove it. If the tour is not continuing, they will use those images for something else and we can't share it in high quality on the internet yet. Plus, Preson and Robert Behar were in London this week... I'd say she's cooking something.
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    JANET at the Essence Music Festival 2018?

    holographic Prince
  5. feehgarcia

    JANET at the Essence Music Festival 2018?

    Could be... "Look who already performed here, look out for this year's line-up!" Or maybe Idris Elba leaked it too soon LOL
  6. Hey guys! It took us a lot of sleepless nights but it's more than worth it. Our photo gallery is back! Yes, there's some stuff missing... We're still working on some albums (like Awards, Paparazzi and Live Performances) but feel free to navigate and discover Janet Jackson's photoshoots, video stills, stage pictures and more! Welcome to JANET Vault, your #1 Janet Jackson image source. http://www.janetbr.com/gallery/
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    JANET Vault | Our photo gallery is back!

    Still working on it, there are a lot of pics missing. But tks I hope to complete it very soon!
  8. I got an e-mail from JDJ Office asking to take the pic
  9. I always loved the RWT soundboard leaks. Those audios are EVERYTHING! I knew Discipline was missing + the final interlude, but I thought it was it. WRONG! This new version have Janet interacting with the dancers during the Street Act, and almost every interlude is extended. It also have Discipline and the final interlude!Dammn.. That was her best tour ever! The concept, videos, acts, the looks... I can't understand how some people don't like it! LOLI mean, the janet. world tour was EPIC/ICONIC/UNTOUCHABLE, but for modern days parameters RWT was THE THING.Too bad everything fell apart in 2008 :/ You can find a download link on video description. Who ever found this, THANK YOU!
  10. Have u guys seen this? Don't know who leaked it, but I love it!
  11. www.janetbr.com/gallery/portfolio/miami-international-airport-florida/
  12. feehgarcia

    Janet at Out100 Event

    THIS BITCH... I CAN'T. www.janetbr.com/gallery/portfolio/magazines-out100-gala-new-york-city/
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    SOTW Teaser?

    There's "nothing" here but I'm freaking out! LOL My body is so ready.
  14. feehgarcia

    SOTW Teaser?

    She saw my fan made poster and changed her mind LOL
  15. feehgarcia

    SOTW Teaser?

    Yes. He's the photographer and art director. He works with Janet since the Rock Witchu tour... Those collages she used on screen? His work. PHOTOS HERE: http://www.janetbr.com/gallery/portfolio/solaiman-fazel-2008/ Since then, he's her official tour designer *-* I LOVE his work.
  16. How cute is this? *-* I LOVE the Private Home Movies special... Janet should do something like that! That's the kind of special I'd live for!
  17. So I let my creativity flow again... LOLThis weekend I imagined what would be my dream/proposal for the SOTW Tour stage and setlist. I made the stage concept using a 3D software (first time I EVER used it! So, not my best work...) to illustrate what was on my mind. It's basically the Unbreakable Tour stage with a few different details.. Like the backdroop screen and the stairs: In one side it would be glass, so she could use the light box effect, and on the other antther LED screen. The smaller stairs take to a second stage level where the band would be. What do you guys think? SETLIST / conceptLike Janet said on the announcement video, the show would be about people, love and the world.Would also have some political statements, but not as its main team. ACT 1 - LegacyINTERLUDE: Same audio from the Unbreakable Tour intro. Janet walking through a hangar/corridor, walls made of tv screens that shows her videos/performances/awards. While she walks, we get camera close ups on her heels, hair, jewelry, eyes, mouth... Then she stops in front of a door. Door opens, show starts!OUTFIT: Very modern, black or white with silver details. 'Make Me' video style. BURNITUP!FeedbackMake Me(Janet stands looking at the crowd + Get the point? Good, Let's dance!)Miss You Much ACT 2 - Out Of Control MedleyINTERLUDE: While she's changing, a few dancers take the stage. Screen shows some 80's/Tony Viramontes/Street Art vibe video segue.OUTFIT: Very colorful/vintage outfit. Like the one she used on the Control Medley during the AFY Tour. NastyWhat Have You Done For Me LatelyWhen I Think Of YouPleasure Principle ACT 3 - Thunderstorm/Looking For LoveINTERLUDE: Very clean and white video. A lot of blur and close ups of Janet' smile/hands. She's on the bed "waiting" for her lover. Rain on the windows. Damita Jo's 'Looking For Love' playing.OUTFIT: White dress. Metal shoulder pads. Golden jewelry. Number Ones Tour 'Nothing' dress style. Together Again (Jimmy Jam Deeper Remix)Come Back To Me (piano/acapella) Again (piano version)Twenty Foreplay (album version) QUICK CHANGE: Janet takes off long dress and comes back with a full black "dance friendly" outfit. RWT Lounge Act style.BACKDROP: Rain gets stronger. It's night now. That's The Way Love GoesNo SleeepGot 'Til It's Gone PHENOMENAL WOMAN Video Segue: Her voice declaiming 'Phenomenal Woman' poem. Instrumental includes elements of Throb and WYM. On Screen: Janet getting ready to go out. Black, red, heels and leather outfit. Her man left her, but she's not dead. Hunting season! LOL IfSon Of a Gun (Rock Remix / P. Diddy & Missy on screen)(Full Interlude + Janet talks to the audience about love and pain. Ups and downs. Truth and lies.)Truth (Sitting on top on the stairs accompanied by two background singers who'd be seated a few steps bellow her) ACT 4 - Conversations In A Cafe/Dream Maker (Euphoria)INTERLUDE: Dream Maker (Euphoria) playing. Video would have a more ethinic vibe, but with a modern twist. Try to imagine the Got 'Til it's Gone bar + Rock With You club/lounge.OUTFIT: Very futuristc. Geometrical cuts and metal gloves with african textures and colors. 'Black Panther' movie vibes! Free Xone (Janet comes on stage in a chair/throne, as music goes on she goes down the stairs and joins the dancers on main stage)Dammn Baby (with elements of the Cafe Remix + I Get Lonely breakdown)Rock With UNight ACT 5 - State Of The WorldINTERLUDE: 2017 version of The Knowledge video! Remember the opening hangar? This time screens would show war, prejudice, manifestations...Angry Janet breaks the room and all screens. Last shot would show the place wrecked, wires everywhere, broken glass and electricity sparks popping.OUTFIT: Black, military style. Shoulda Know BetterScream / Black CatT.V. Interlude / State Of The WorldRhyhtm NationLivin' In Complete Darkness (Stage lights go down, no video here, only Janet's voice) ENCOREOUTFIT: White overall. Similar to her 2015 BET Awards outfit. Well TravelledUnbreakable(Band keeps playing Unbreakable while Janet thanks the audience, talks about life, Eissa, the love from her fans...She introduces band and dancers and ask if we're ready for one more!)All For You
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    Gil's Talks Tour With ET

  19. feehgarcia

    SOTWT Merch ideas??

    A couple of new T-shirts and a new tour book. But I guess they will keep selling the Unbreakable merch as well, after all, it was probably printed for the UK shows!
  20. feehgarcia

    SOTW Tour - fan made Stage Concept & Setlist

    My expectations as are low as they can be LOL I just made that up for myself and decided to share... I do that with a lot of artists I like I enjoy creating concepts, tell a story through music... I'd love to work with that! Anyway, it was just for fun. Sorry :|
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    Yes, it's old... Unbreakable rehearsals. Preston is on the picture but he's in Hawaii right now. And before that, was in Japan. About the hair... She could have attached her extensions back. But anyway, the picture is old and all media outlets are saying that's her post-pregnancy body lol WAIT TO SEE THE REAL ONE!
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    I can't embed shit here! But it seems opening night is for sale... 19.50! Someone shared this screencap on JANET.br last night. https://scontent.fcgh7-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/20638053_10214498538002637_254254129444707600_n.jpg?oh=308f70795e4a3f76da6b0657224faf86&oe=59F6BB66
  23. We almost missed this one! LOL No one saw this, only a few people shared it and I still can't find more/the original pic in any media outlets/photo agencies. Rumor has it this was taken in London last saturday (the background looks very similiar to Janet or Wissam's apartament over there). I'd say she flew back during the weekend to deliver Eissa back to Wissam or to deal with some legal divorce stuff. P/S: THIS BOOOOOOOOOOOOOODY