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  1. Hissy fit lmao. Oki. Game's been banned from so many forums that speaks for itself
  2. Why are you a part of any forum, when you can't tolerate anyone else's opinions but your own? You have nothing good to say about anyone but yourself.
  3. I guess you can view it that way, if you don't know the history of these leaks, but anyone's opinion on me is irrelevant to the point. It is virtually impossible for anyone to get their hands on rare multitracks from now on, due to this one guy. I'm glad I started trading years back.
  4. Laugh it up. How does Someone to Call My Lover, Go Deep Missy Remix, You Ain't Right, You, All for You, Come on Get Up or Velvet Rope stems sound like and what treats do they reveal? You'll never know. Unless I choose to leak parts of them which is not gonna happen. Xxx.
  5. I'm sorry but by leaking these full multitracks you're doing one big jerk a HUGE favor. Those of us who have most of the available stems (from super rare to common) have worked for years to gain them. Most of us trade them, fair and square. Recently this person I'd rather not name has decided to start leaking the lesser (=most common) stems, like RN in order to deflate their value. This means YOU people who want the rare ones will NEVER be able to get your hands on them, because their value just went through the roof. So, enjoy leaking these and do not come to us asking for the super rare ones cause It's not gonna happen. And have fun getting scammed for money too. Also, really don't wanna hear more shitty fanmixes of these lol.
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