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  1. my top actually goes like 1.TVR 2. Janet. 3. RN1814 4. Unbreakable 5. 20YO 6. Damita Jo 7. AFY 8. Control 9. Janet jackson 10. discipline 11. dream street
  2. i don't think that already exists a thread so here i go. Throughout her music career, Janet has explored a variety of music genres and has experimented with changes of sound and image. She has released a total of 11 Studio Albums in her career and has sold over 100 Million Records worldwide. For this blog post I will ranking her 11 albums from worst to best, with each album I will also choose my favourite 3 songs from the album and 1 song that is my least favourite. NOT MY PERSONAL OPINION (only for the songs) #11. DREAM STREET Some people says debut albums can be aw
  3. everybody is making promos, stream parties, etc like the Gaga fans made for Shallow, of "if you stream shallow you'll get a free coffee at Starbucks" or stream Parties as Fighters (xtina fans) does
  4. the discipline album ins't available on my country, mess
  5. if - janet sprung - mariah carey just a little while - janet
  6. hello, i'd like to invite you all to a recent chat group i made about our queen, Janet. we're a friendly-lgbt community on Discord. discord is an app based on communities, there are more than 400B of communities, an a lot of pop music. This is the first based on Janet. this group is about discuss about Janet or offtopic discussion no related to janet, media share (audios, photoshoots, etc) Discord is an amazing app everyone should know! https://discord.gg/Ezb7BdG join using the next link!
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