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  1. ? It’s available for me in America, like earlier all of the Janet. Videos are available.
  2. I have no idea what has been up with Janets VEVO but it’s ridiculous. Her views are so low on videos that can have a lot more views, it’s clear her videos would have more views because these reuploads have at the least 1M views. There was even an upload of All For You that passed 12M views. Her music was blocked on Spotify too for a good while, but even on there her most listened song has a good 50M as of right now.
  3. (Control Era) - Control, When I Think Of You, Pleasure Principle, What Have You Done For Me Lately Missing in US is Nasty and Let’s Wait Awhile (Rhythm Nation Era) - Rhythm Nation, Miss You Much, Come Back To Me, Escapade, Black Cat Missing in US is Alright, Love Will Never Do and The Knowledge (Alright and LWND are however on iTunes). (janet. Era) - If, Because Of Love, Again, You Want This, Anytime Anyplace, That’s The Way Love Goes and Whoops Now Missing in US is What’ll I Do (Design Of A Decade Era) - Twenty Foreplay Missing in US is Runaway *All Of Velvet Rope, All For You, Damita Jo and 20 Y.O. Are blocked *All Of Discipline, Unbreakable and Made For Now are available This isn’t to say there are not any reuploads, but the videos that seem to can NOT be reuploaded are Runaway and All For You.
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