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  1. Orrrr intended tour booklet. The tour was intended to be first. The tour is the anchor the album is an offering. I know die hard fans see it opposite but trust me...she just needed another reason to keep touring since she had been performing for the last 4-ish years.
  2. I can’t remember but I think Unbreakable the cover came out after the tour was underway I THINK! Janet in her later years has not moved to the “make sense” direction. She moves to the direction that fits her schedule & desires. IF she said before the tour ENDS that means at any given time while on tour...likely to keep interest going it would hit middle of the first leg. For Janet as a legacy artists her TOUR promotes her music vs the other way around. The general fan will find out she’s on tour & not even consider the new music. The new music just allows her to diversify the tour & energize it as the momentum builds. Bingo. Also to another point I saw you make - she is not looking to chart huge singles anymore. Those days of chasing that is over. Getting a number one will continue to solidify her legacy. That’s a obtainable based on when she drops & who she drops against. That’s strategy & she can do that.
  3. This is not true. There wasn’t any promises or intentions to drop a song, video, & album cover. As a matter of fact, she was planning to unveil things on tour including the new music & while on tour start to phase in the new project. Honestly, the project was to give new material to her tour & fuel more sells. Janet has had music in the chamber since before, during, & after SOTW tour. At this point, she could drop an EP of new music/unreleased music. With some graphics & content to amplify it...that would just hold her over till next year.
  4. As far as the music goes, Black Diamond as a concept would be an ideal project for right now. She could discuss any and everything from her unjust treatment and surviving it, to her motherhood & concerns as a mother, to the movement & her support of the movement & being a Black woman. She can literally create a very elevating & timely piece of art right now. Ultimately it would be for her core fan base but it would be something she could really stand on.
  5. exactly. I’m so grateful they knew better. Those notes sound forced & pitchy. They weren’t necessary. She literally just got louder but it had nothing to it. I still get hype off ATAP adlibs after the second verse.
  6. I have an idea for a topic for the music lovers - in the spirit of Janet’s “Pillow Talk” being played by Questlove, I wanted to ask what other songs have you always felt Janet could remake or sample? Here are two to get started. I’ve always felt Janet could redo both of these & it would be great!
  7. Please!! I am begging anyone who watched Questlove's IG Live tonight as he paid tribute to Janet...he played Janet's version of Pillow Talk originally by Sylvia. I have waited to hear this track for years...I tried to record the screen by my phone didn't get the audio. Long before it was said she remade it...I was campaigning for her to do so, and didn't know it existed until a couple years ago. SO I AM BEGGING please share that mutha fucka with me lol, I never ask for much but this is huge for me!
  8. While it’s fair to wonder how it will be by July, her silence has nothing to do with the virus. Everyone does this every time she mentions a song, tour, residency for the last few years. She does a little press & everyone thinks she’s about to jump back into 1994 & do press everywhere. She comes out initially then makes minimal pop ups. That’s about it.
  9. I’m not saying Janet is working hard touring, she is. This is the most she’s toured back to back ever in her career. What I’m saying is the belief that new songs will be heavily promoted and she’s about to ramp up & be all over doing shows & press & multiple videos & touring etc. is a thing of the past. She’s definitely going to be getting ready for tour & resting but I love how fans still get excited for Janet that’s an amazing thing BUT I think they get excited with the anticipation of Janet moving like she did at her prime.
  10. Again, Janet’s intentions is not to get the younger audience. That’s a VERY small margin of ticket sales - also because the younger audience doesn’t have disposable income to afford acts like Janet Jackson who they only know 1-4 songs of. If by younger you mean 20s because Janet’s true audience is 30s - 50s thats her base. The new music is specifically to get a number 1 in 2020 AND to diversify her show some. Let her core know she’s still working. She does not rely on her diehard fans alone but she does rely on the audience that grew up with her & her family. The Jackson fans, the casual fans, the ppl who love her but don’t check for her. There are ppl who will attend who will be like - nice new music but not remember or care to search for it after. That’s the more likely experience.
  11. In carpool karaoke no one is actually driving the car. The car is being pulled and filmed.
  12. Right but ppl feel she’ll give 4 videos from an album that she won’t even drop before the tour happens.
  13. I’m sooooooooo glad she participated in this segment! Highlighting her live vocals is a great drive toward the tour.
  14. In the end it’s not me you’d be disappointed in. I hope she follows what her strategy was when she considered releasing that EP that some insisted her not to do but we’ll see.
  15. Ok. Wait and see. This isn’t an excuse this is business & the model Janet follows. Which has made her more profitable. Also it’s not the same budgets as indie girls. Janet’s shooting 5K-10K music videos. Nonetheless, you guys just sit back & see how it plays out.
  16. Now see that’s what I’m saying! Glad to hear she did one of his staple fun segments and of them all - Classroom Instruments! She never usually gives those kinda candid musical moments so this is exciting. I can see escapade as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Nasty since they discussed it.
  17. Music videos are not a top priority like they used to be. I GET wanting as much Janet content as possible, wanting to see her in her element & doing what she was known for...but making 3 music videos isn’t just the standard.
  18. Absolutely. No doubt about it, if you notice it she’s promoting it with what’s called nostalgic marketing - “with a special performance of RN”. She’s appealing to those who remember her highlight years. The “with new music” is to say btw I’ll be making some music too. But truth is I’m sure beyond it being a number 1 there are low expectations for sales. A win will be a sold out tour & a number 1 title. When you get to the show it will focus on her catalog and sprinkle in new tracks as she’s been doing. You likely will not get more than 2 videos. The marketing budget is best spent on the tour in these years. It’s not to he pessimistic but this is the experience of falling in love with an artist who ages into legacy.
  19. Because touring is a bigger sell for Janet Jackson in 2020. The album is like awe nice, but outside of her core fans...the tour is the value. Bc most ppl feel Janet doesn’t really perform heavily even though her fans know she has been in recent years. She has a brand of being one of the last elusive celebrities left. Sooo most aren’t waiting for an album but always want to see her.
  20. Janet will headline Essence again this year.
  21. Preston helps perpetuate rumors that she gets work done. Also, I feel like they need to address new stuff - Janet Appreciation Day, play a game together, the transition of motherhood, what does she want out of her career for the future etc. Not recycled questions. Also she doesn’t appear to be in tour prep mode. She is keep herself in the public but she doesn’t seem to be on a heavy regimen right now. Just from observations, buuuut what we do know is music has been recorded.
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