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Black Actresses


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I was telling my friends of course I was going to see the "Best Man Holiday" eventually...but I was in no rush to go see Nia Long's horrible acting....so we started discussing black actresses and pretty much agreed on most Horrible Actresses 1. Lisa Raye 2. Beyoncé 3. Tasha Smith 4. Nia Long (pretty gilr tho) 5. Mariah Carey (#ByeFelicia) Play the Same Role every time Actresses 1. Gabrielle Union (successful lonely girl) 2. Megan Good (pretty girl everyone wants to date) 3. Paula Patton (pretty dumb girl looking for love with the exception of Precious) 4. Angela Bassett (Love her to death but uhhhh same role basically) Could be great with a challenging role 1. Janet Jackson (they said janet needs to play a crakhead to be taken seriously...I told them she just needs to play in a biopic role) 2. Taraji P. Henson 3. Tracy Ellis Ross 4. Jurnee Smollett 5. Regina King ....Halle Berry is the only actress we all agreed on who plays diverse roles and does them well despite whether it was a good or bad movie.

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